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We are a family of four with two young boys. We have been on our farm for just over a year and are creating new ways for us to provide for our family. 


I, Marsha, was into painting ladybug rocks over 10 years ago and life got in the way. I have been painting since just before New Years 2023 and have really enjoyed it. I am learning a lot of different techniques and figuring out what I like and don't like.  My creativity is flowing and I'm getting a lot of ideas. I have handpainted art to share with you.

This spring 2023, I am growing cut flowers. Flowers I would probably never think to grow, like Lisianthus and Ranunculus and many others.  I will be exploring different drying and preservation techniques and if I like it, I may create artwork with dried flowers.  

My 3yr old just turned 4, likes to paint with me.  He is having a blast helping me by using watercolors since I won't let him use my paint yet.  So, after sealing what he paints on, his paintings become my backgrounds and I try to choose colors from his designs.  

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